"Oxygen for respirators running out": COVID-19 infection on the rise

According to the data of the site for monitoring the pandemic "Worldometers", 2.000.223 people have died in the world so far as a result of COVID-19 infection. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, 93.443.135 people have been infected with the virus, and 66.682.010 have recovered.
Currently, 24.760.902 cases are active, of which 0.5 percent of patients are in critical condition.
The highest number of deaths was recorded in the United States, where 397.264 people have died so far. It is followed by Brazil with 207.095 and India with 151.954 patients who died. Of the European countries, the United Kingdom has the highest mortality, where 86.015 people lost the battle with the coronavirus, followed by Italy with 80.848 and France with 69.313 deaths.
The United States is in leading position in terms of the number of confirmed cases, of which 23.8 million have been registered so far, ahead of India with 10.5 million and Brazil with 8.3 million infected.

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