COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 552 New Cases

For the past 24 hours, 552 new cases of coronavirus have been registered, according to data from the National Information System.

8,850 samples were tested, of which 5,735 were RT PCR and 3,115 rapid antigen tests. In percentage terms, the number of positive cases compared to the number of tests performed is 6.2%.

The percentage remains below 10%, similar to the previous three days.5.8% of the 5735 RT PCR tests, 336 or  were positive.6.9% of the 3,115 rapid antigen tests, 216 or were positive.

The distribution by districts at the current address of the persons is as follows: The number of patients with proven COVID-19 placed in hospital facilities is 3,500.

The number of patients placed in intensive care units and clinics is 343.

According to the National Information System in Bulgaria, coronavirus infection was found in 9,256 medical staff. 8,457 deaths were confirmed in which the new coronavirus was confirmed. In the last 24 hours 61 new cases have been registered. The total number of vaccinated persons is 18 126. For the last 24 hours 452 people have been vaccinated.

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