Weather in Bulgaria: Freezing Weekend

Very cold weather alert is in force on January 16 for most districts in Bulgaria. Code yellow has been issued for areas where the temperatures during the night and the day will remain below 0 degrees per Celsius.

The expected minimum temperatures on January 16 will be from -7° to -1, in Sofia - 6°. The maximum temperatures will be from -2° to +3°. The weather will be cloudy. It will snow at some places. It will be windy and very cold.

On Sunday, January 17, the weather will be even colder. The minimum temperatures in some regions are forecast to drop to around -10 and -14 at places. The temperatures during the day time will be below 0 almost in all regions in the country. It will remain cloudy and at certain places it will continue to snow.

The start of next week will see sunny weather. The minimum temperatures will remain low for a while but maximum temperatures will rise./BNT

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