Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Responds to President’s Criticism: Let Him Tell Me What Money to Stop Spending

"The President should specify exactly what money flows I have to stop instead of criticizing the government for uncontrolable spending," said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during his visit to the southern Bulgarian town of Luki. Borisov's speech was again  live streamed on social media and is a response to President Radev's statement about un-transparent spending of budget funds.

"I would very much like when the President speaks up next time to say what money we have to stop allocating. He says a lot of money is being spent. He must say: "Borissov, immediately stop wasting BGN 106 million a month on pensioners, on the 15% pay increase forpolice officers, stop the double increase in teachers' salaries, stop the money for the regional mayors", Borissov commented and continued his speech with the list of other expenditures - the money for the medics on the frontline, for the payroll support measures 60/40, 80/20 and 75/0, or for the Hemus and Struma highways, the roads Botevgrad - Mezdra, Montana - Vratsa - Vidin and Europe motorway.

"Money has been spent, he says. I must have listed expenses worth BGN 5 billion for these projects and for what is being done. You can see in other countries what predicament they are in. In Bulgaria thanks to masterful management at the moment we are fine and the business works", added Borisov, with the caveat that although it is now more difficult but people keep working and building.

"Let him tell me what money to stop spending, and I'll stop it. And to say also what social groups we have benefited, Borissov once again asked the President. For 10 years I've been the stingy in the country, but it is no coincidence that we are now in the waiting room of the Eurozone. He also objected to "our know-it-alls" (his...

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