Bulgaria’s Health Minister: Privileges of Health Certificate Holders Are Political Issue

Any Bulgarian citizen who has an electronic signature can enter his/her electronic health record and examine all medical information about him/ her. This became clear at the presentation of the functionality of the electronic health file. The service is available from today.

The file contains information about the e-referrals, dental care, e-prescriptions, information about blood donations, decisions of the territorial expert medical commissions, there is also the electronic certificate of COVID status, if the patient was vaccinated, information about his blood tests, as well as about his GP provided by the Bulgarian Medical Union. However, the data in the file cannot be entered with an antedate.

In it, in the "Immunizations" chapter, where the certificate for the vaccine against coronavirus is also available, the data on the vaccine concerned can be found - its type, when and by whom it is administered. It contains a unique reference number, the patient's names in Bulgarian and English, the batch number of the vaccine, the country of vaccine administration, etc. The country will be indicated as the second dose may need to be given in a country other than that in which the first dose is given.

The document in question will be available to anyone who has given themselves the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, which also means a completed immunization program. The certificate will not have a signature and stamp, as it will be generated automatically by the system to prevent abuse.

"Our vaccination certificate is issued in compliance with all legal norms and is even awarded a QR code. I think it will meet the requirements of the European Union when this issue is resolved at European level", commented Health Minister Kostadin Angelov.


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