Two Thessalonians ‘get the job done’ for EU on vaccines

The quiet intervention of two Thessaloniki-born men recently ended up in Europe's favor, with 300 million additional vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech being earmarked for the Old Continent.

It all started with internal reactions in Germany. German citizens, unhappy with the prolonged quarantine imposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, started expressing their overall dissatisfaction, and especially at the number of vaccines supplied to Berlin, focusing their displeasure on Health Minister Jens Spahn. The German media talked about negligence on his part and accused him of failing to take the necessary action in time, leaving the country exposed in the face of the pandemic. His political opponents also targeted Spahn, who, it is an open secret in Berlin, is eyeing the chancellery in the post-Merkel era around the corner.

The situation was exacerbated by a statement from Ugur...

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