Bulgarian Parliament Adopts Law Recognizing Sign Language as Official Language

Proposed by the government, the law was adopted conclusively on Thursday to make what many consider a breakthrough in deaf people's rights. According to the new law, deaf people in Bulgaria are entitled to free translation services, the cultural and language identity of their community is recognized and an attitude of respect to them will be encouraged in the broader community.

The activities following from the adoption of the law will be financed by the national budget through the Labor and Social
Policy Ministry, other competent institutions and medical establishments, as well as through European and international

The leaders of central and local administrative units will have until the end of 2022 to roll out administrative services for deaf people.

The kindergartens and schools that teach children with impaired hearing and deaf children, will have special sign language
classes. Deaf students in regular schools will have the right to use sign language when they are examined or being tested.   
 The parents of deaf children will be entitled to sign language training.

Sign language teachers will have a master's degree in Bulgarian Language and Literature with additional training in sign language, and universities will be required to provide such training. Deaf university students will be entitled to 60 hours of free sign-language translation per semester.

Sign language translator will be a job in its own right and translators will be trained in master's programs and certified
 by established standards on a par with all other professionals./BTA

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