Turkey’s attempted ‘reset’ with the US, Brett McGurk and Syria, and political uncertainty in Ankara

Journalist Amberin Zaman analyzes Turkey's latest attempts at a diplomatic "reset" with the United States, and discusses what is in store for the US-Turkey relationship as the new Biden administration takes over. We also take a look at Syria, and whether the appointment of Brett McGurk to the National Security Council will cause more friction in US-Turkish relations. Finally, we break down recent reports that point to a rift in the governing coalition in Turkey, and examine if that means early elections may be on the horizon.

Amberin Zaman is a roving staff correspondent for Al-Monitor covering the Middle East, with a particular focus on Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. Prior to Al-Monitor, Amberin Zaman served as The Economist's Turkey correspondent between 1999 and 2016.

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