Until further notice - without relaxation of measures; "Positive tendency..." VIDEO

All existing measures remain in force, it was decided at today's session of the Crisis Staff for combating coronavirus, epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovi said.
He said that the current improvement of the epidemiological situation should not deceive us to think that "we are in a controlled situation".
"We are far from that. It is important to be aware that we must preserve these measures. To insist on measures without exceptions," he said.
Vaccination points are organized in such a way that it is possible to reach everyone who has expressed a desire to be vaccinated in Serbia, said Jankovi.
"None of the currently available vaccines have been tested on pregnant women, so pregnant women are not vaccinated. There were people in the world who were vaccinated, to find out afterwards that they were pregnant, and there were no contraindications," Jankovic said when asked if he recommends the immunization of pregnant women. He suggested postponing the vaccination after planning the pregnancy, but not for too long, such as 12-month period as others write and recommend. He said that the delay stands for a much shorter period - up to a month, not more.
Professor Tiodorovi said that it is reasonable that all vaccines that will be accepted will be available in other countries as well, so that sufficient quantities can be provided.
Croatia announced that they have temporarily suspended the first dose of the vaccine due to problems in the procurement of Pfizer and Moderna - Tiodorovi stated that at this moment we do not face with any setbacks such as a delay in delivery. We do not have the problem that Croatia faces with, he pointed out.
"Every prognosis for this disease is very difficult and very responsible. Our people should be given...

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