Ivanuša: We may have a more difficult epidemiological situation than we've had so far

He adds that it is only a matter of time before a new strain of the coronavirus, which is spreading faster among people, appears in Serbia as well, and which could lead to a worsening of the epidemiological situation.
Ivanua told Tanjug that the current epidemiological situation is much better than it was in December last year, but that there is still a large number of new infections on a daily basis and that patients are still dying.
"Measures, distance, hygiene should continue to be adhered to. Now we have a new hope and that is the vaccine. I hope that in a few months we will slowly return to a normal life", Ivanua said.
He states that vaccination is important as long as there are people who are susceptible to the virus, and all those who have not recovered from COVID-19 or have not been vaccinated are susceptible. "The virus is spreading rapidly among people who are sensitive. Especially if we think of a new strain of virus that spreads more easily among humans than the basic type of virus. That means that we can have a more difficult epidemiological situation than the ones we have seen so far, "he pointed out.
He explains that the vaccine prevents infection, i.e. the disease, and that all vaccines against coronavirus that have received certificates have been proven to be effective and safe.
Asked whether it is important which vaccine the citizens will be vaccinated with, since there are currently three vaccines available in Serbia, Ivanua said that they can opt for any vaccine approved by the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia and that the most important thing is to get vaccinated.
"The WHO's position is clear - only vaccines that are effective and safe should be used. For vaccines used in Serbia, their...

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