The tyranny of ‘no to everything’

Policing. The use of the word alone makes understanding difficult. At best, it makes one grimace; at worst, it triggers the mental "repository" of the civil war, rich in unclassified material, and its post-war continuation under an authoritarian state: In short, the word "policing" stirs up passions and brings back to mind the uniform of the tyrannical gendarme in the countryside, merciless pursuer of the citizens that did not belong to the then "accursed" right.

What happens, though, when a government tries to contain the chaos that some, self-servingly, continue to preserve? What happens when the government, in its intent at least, tries to provide a framework for public assembly or to propose changes for universities? Especially when this government is a right-wing one, despite the fact that its leader, the prime minister, is trying to push it towards the center, knowing...

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