"We should refrain from placing the gallows on Aleksić before he is accused" VIDEO

"We are constantly surrounded by the media. Whether we like it or not, we cannot escape from that world. What we can do is regulate it, without violating human rights," Josifovic said, adding that the public must refrain from "setting the gallows before there is an accusation".
Speaking about the case of Miroslav Aleksi, lawyer Nemanja Jolovi stated that it is difficult to prove a crime when many years have passed since the crime took place.
"In this particular case, we have no material evidence. The only evidence will be the testimonies of the victims and possible witnesses," said Jolovic, who gave up defending Aleksic for personal reasons.
He adds that it is not the number of witnesses that matters, but their credibility.
"The court will decide who to trust, the testimony of the witness, the victim or the defense. The quality of the testimony is important, and the court will decide who to trust", Jolovi believes.

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