Albanian PM looks to Turkey ahead of election

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama appears to be promoting Turkey as the country's main ally and benefactor and has been criticized for that.

Ramahas promised that a hospital will be built, with Turkish money, and will be ready by the April 25 election.

The €60 million donation was trumpeted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during Rama's visit to Ankara the earlier this month.

The site where the hospital will be built, in the city of Fier, in southwest Albania, has not been expropraited yet, according to Albanian media, but Turkish construction material is already arriving and Rama visited the site this week.

Commenting on Rama's excessive invocation of his Anklara trip, and the intensifying Turkish embrace, former President Sali Berisha accused Rama of being Erdogan's vassal. But the European Union is increasingly annoyed with Rama's position,...

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