"British strain of coronavirus has arrived to Serbia; I'll receive a Chinese vaccine"

He told Prva TV that he had talked to his friends worldwide in order to provide more vaccines.
"Today, it is harder to get a vaccine than a nuclear weapon," he said.
Vui said that he expected 50.000 people to be vaccinated today.
"We are ninth in the world, I think we can be 6th or 9th in the next 3 days," he said.
He added that Serbia has pursued a smart and responsible policy on the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.
"We would have lost thousands of lives if we had not done so," he said.
He said that Serbia paid much less for Chinese vaccines than are sold in the world.
"I wrote a letter to the President of China Xi to lower the price for Serbia. That price has been dramatically lowered," he said.
Vui says that he was "infuriated" by the fact that he read reports on procurement requests at the end of August, where Western countries ordered 5 or 6 times more vaccines than they have inhabitants.
"It's as if they wanted to vaccinate both puppies and kittens. I wanted to cry because it means there will be nothing left for us. And then they tell us to go to COVAX," he said. He added that Serbia received 0 vaccines from that program, as well as all countries in the region, because there is a problem with the distribution of vaccines to EU countries through that program. "We got 0 vaccines, I guess we will get something one day. And without the COVAX program, we got 1.500.000 vaccines and we will provide more," he said.
Vui announced that Serbia also wants AstraZeneca's vaccine and that it will do its best to get it.
"Everyone who has received the vaccine will also receive the revaccination, the same one they received. We are a serious country," he said.
He also praised the information system that...

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