Payment of cheap loans starts

The payment of the fifth phase of the cheap state loans program known as the "Deposit To Be Returned" begins on Wednesday for 361,888 enterprises that the Finance Ministry deems have made the cut.

The companies to benefit most from the fifth phase are shuttered enterprises in the sectors of food service and agriculture as well as bars and taxi operators. Enterprises without any staff will receive 1,000 euros each. Those employing up to five people will get a minimum of €2,000 and those with over five people on the payroll will get €4,000. The state payments, adding up to €1.5 billion, will be completed next week.

The recipients are 24,534 food service companies, 21,087 bars and cafés, 16,264 taxi operators, 14,280 farmers, 13,356 short-term holiday accommodation enterprises, 5,510 hotel companies, 10,875 legal firms, 10,618 agricultural producers, 2,474 travel...

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