Bulgaria’s Premier: Do We have to Impose Total Lockdown Like Other Countries Did?


"As we deal with disasters and accidents, when there is a problem, we immediately respond to eliminate risk, so we deal with the pandemic, we masterfully prevent the threats. That is why Bulgaria boasts the best parameters in terms of coping with the pandemic," commented Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during today's regular cabinet sitting, at which BGN 5.76 million was allocated to municipalities to overcome the consequences of disasters and to repair streets.

The Prime Minister compared the current situation with Covid-19 in Bulgaria with what is happening in other European countries and the strict measures put in place there.

"And instead of being proud of it, we will now be looking for a way to let the pandemic break out again and close everything, like they did in other countries. Should we do it?" the Prime Minister asked.

PM Borissov noted that he understands the difficulties of the restaurant and hotel businesses.

 "We understand them, too, which is why both the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Economy have developed so many support measures worth nearly BGN 2 billion," the Prime Minister reminded.

He added that, along with help for pensioners, spending is rising to around BGN 3 billion.

"This is not the attitude of the whole tourism industry", noted Mayor of Bansko ski resort Ivan Kadev, adding that "the vast majority understand the measures imposed in our country and accept them. Because theline between people's lives and health and business is very thin.And thank you for the measures the government is implementing," he said.

The government approved allocation of BGN 4,296 million for the municipalities of Bansko, Blagoevgrad, Sapareva Banya and Apriltsi to prevent, manage...

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