Bulgaria: Vaccination Plan to Be Changed Owing to Elections

Bulgaria's vaccination plan will be amended and the third phase will include all participants in the electoral process - the members of the electoral commissions in constituencies, the mobile electoral commissions, the members of the regional health inspectorates and the Central Electoral Commission. This was reported by Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov during the working meeting of the Council of Ministers convened by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

Already on Wednesday, Minister Angelov promised to table the necessary amendments to the government meeting. Members of the sectoral commissions who will be be sent to elections abroad will also be vaccinated.

"The experts propose that all participants in the election process to be vaccinated if they want to. We will provide a sufficient amount of the necessary vaccines and they will be vaccinated", said Minister Angelov. He added that with regard to the instructions for the implementation of the electoral process, the protocol has been drawn up and its expert discussion continues.

"Our ambition is to give a chance for vaccination to the entire electoral administration, to those who wish to be vaccinated, as we are talking about over 80,000 people", said Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev. "In compliance with the existing Eectoral Code and in cooperation with the CEC, we are looking for additional opportunities to ensure even more transparent  electoral process in Bulgaria," added Donchev.

He reminded that all political forces have their representatives in electoral administration and these are not people who are part of the civil service. Also in Bulgaria, every protocol of the CEC is publicly available, he said. "But we are looking for an opportunity, given the current legislation,...

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