President Radev Declared He Will Run for Second Term

After presenting a review of what has been done, Radev read his message "for a new Bulgaria" and said that he and Yotova will run for presidency again, and how they will do it will "be clear within the term established by the law".

"The most important goal is the restoration of statehood, the rule of law, crackdown on corruption, the return of citizens to government. Without achieving this goal, the next governments will be captive to the oligarchy and be doomed to failure," Radev said.

As President and Vice President, we will continue to work towards unity in the society, doing away with lawlessness and guarantee Bulgaria's dignified place in the European family", explained the Head of State.

"Our run for election now is an honest approach towards all Bulgarian citizens and all political actors. We have a tough time ahead of us, it's important to ensure clarity. In the face of the presidential institution, the Bulgarian people will have a state institution that has a clear road map," Radev said.

"I have not negotiated with political parties the support of our candidacy with Yotova. The Socialists have the right to rule first because they nominated us in 2016," the Head of State added. He is adamant that the actions of the government undermine confidence in the fairness of the electoral process.

"The top priority was to uphold the rule of law. Despite the rejection of five of the seven vetoes I imposed, the reaction of the experts and the public confirmed they were right. Our determined course in defense of constitutionalism discouraged the movers of the draft new Constitution and its discussion ended faster than it was moved," Radev said.

"The Presidency mobilised strong expertise and proposed concrete measures in the...

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