What will life be like for Greece after PEPP?

Greece ought to feel confident that it will comfortably overcome the absence of European Central Bank support, analysts tell Kathimerini, while noting that Frankfurt's emergency bond-buying program (PEPP) looks set to continue for now.

Fabio Balboni, director and senior European economist at HSBC, tells Kathimerini that "when PEPP comes to an end that could be a bit of a blow for the sovereign bond markets as it would mean losing access to quantitative easing, for now. But first we don't expect PEPP to end any time soon, reinvestments would continue beyond the life of PEPP anyway and Greece could also apply to the [European Stability Mechanism] credit facility which remains available to ensure continued access to 'normal' QE."

"More importantly, losing QE access should not alter the fundamentals of the Greek economy and the investment case. As long as the fiscal...

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