Vučić: No one can kill in Serbia; "They used acids, delivered severed heads" VIDEO

Vucic praised the cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime.
Vui also thanked the security services and said that this was "a big blow for the mafia".
"Excellent cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and the BIA has led to good results, it has led to the fact that we can provide greater security to people throughout Serbia," said Vucic.
He pointed out that it was a difficult, important and serious continuation of the responsible fight against the mafia and all those who, as Vui said, thought they were stronger than the state, because they were even connected with those in the state system.
"This is a big blow for the mafia and organized crime," Vucic said. He praised everyone who participated in that action and pointed out that it was not an easy task for them, because they "put their safety and the safety of their families" at stake for the safety of the citizens of Serbia.
"I don't think there is a citizen in this country who is not satisfied that the state has shown that you cannot commit the most serious crimes without being punished", he said. He said that the crimes committed were related to murders, kidnappings and drug trafficking, as well as extortion.
"I am happy that the police and the minister did a good job and I believe and I hope that this fight will continue, because that is what awaits Nis, Vranje, Subotica...", he said.
He said that the police knew about many abductions and kidnappings and that they assumed that those people were no longer alive, but that there was not enough evidence for many things. "They thought there was no body, no deeds, and you have known for months that people are disappearing and you assume that they are not alive,...

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