Bulgaria: Vaccination with AstraZeneca Starts off at Pirogov Emergency Hospital

Today, vaccination with Oxford/AstraZeneca begins at Pirogov emergency hospital. Among those vaccinated will be a member of the Central Electoral Commission, the Health Ministry said.

Earlier today, the first 28,800 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Bulgaria. Our country has ordered 4,500,000 doses of it - the most of all vaccines. Its advantage is that it can be stored in a regular refrigerator and does not require special freezers, like Pfizer vaccine.

By the end of February, 260,000 doses are expected to come, as during this time there will be three more deliveries, said CEO of the Bulgarian Drug Agency Bogdan Kirilov.

He explained that the health authorities are yet to send out instructions related to age brackets for the administration of the vaccine after some countries announced that they would not administer AstraZeneca to people over a certain age, BNR said.

"There is still a discussion going on in the EU on this topic. We are in contact with both the EC and colleagues from the other agencies, so in the next week there will be more categoric, clearer guidelines, as we are analyzing not only information from the EU, but also from the UK, as vaccination there started before the EU and there is accumulated data available. In the coming days there will be instructions from our agency as well," Bogdan Kirilov said.

The second dose is given between the 4th and 12th weeks after the first dose. The summary of product characteristics is available on the website of the Health Ministry.

During the latest briefing of the National Operational Headquarters, Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov specified that according to the summary of product characteristics, AstraZeneca is not prohibited for use in persons over 55 years...

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