US against two-state deal on Cyprus, Heather A. Conley tells Kathimerini

Heather A. Conley is no stranger to Greece as she has made a point of visiting the country every year and also participated in the 2019 Delphi Forum - the last that actually took place in Delphi. A Washington veteran, she is senior vice president for Europe, Eurasia and the Arctic and director of the Europe, Russia and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

She spoke to Kathimerini about the new chapter in US, Europe and NATO policy that is expected to be opened by the Biden administration, including the handling of the "big question" about Turkey's future in the Western Alliance. 

How will President Joe Biden handle Turkey? 

President Biden has already signaled a shift, a new firmness in the US position regarding Turkey. But right now, the Turkish government is trying to open up a new dialogue with...

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