Labor market remains on ice

The labor market is still on ice in Greece as a result of the pandemic and the constant changes forced on the operation of stores and the economy. Therefore in January the Labor Ministry's Ergani hirings database recorded a positive balance with the creation of 2,338 jobs, but that was only half as many as a year earlier.

There were also fewer layoffs, given the protection measures for employment and the ban on dismissals during the application of the government's protective measures for enterprises.

Hirings last month came to 96,868, against 177,632 in pre-pandemic January 2020, but they outnumbered departures, which reached 94,530 - i.e. less than half than the 194,950 a year earlier.

The freeze on layoffs has led to a reversal of the usual trend observed in January, which since 2011 has always shown a labor deficit - with the exception of 2014 and 2021. From...

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