Minister of Development, Cseke Attila: PNDL is no longer at politician's pen

The National Local Development Program (PNDL) "is no longer at the pen of a politician", declared on Wednesday evening, for the private TV broadcaster Digi24, the Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Cseke Attila, highlighting that at this time there are hundreds of thousands of financing contracts for investment objectives. "PNDL, at this time, is no longer at the pen of a politician, regardless of being yours truly or anyone else in this position, because the analysis, evaluations and closing contracts represent a phase which was three years ago. Today we have thousands of contracts for investment objectives (...). In this period or the following period there is not a possibility of submitting projects or closing contracts", Cseke Attila said. The minister added that there will be checks, and if anything out of the ordinary will be found, measures will be taken. "This does not mean that where we will notice anything, on the one hand the ISC (the State Inspectorate in Constructions, ed. n) who carries out these checks and makes mandatory checks when contracts are concluded, and the Minister's Control Body, and last week we sent (the latter, ed. n.) in two places, if there are any notices, suspicions or clues or any wrong-doings or not respecting the quality in constructions, we will take measures. But, once, again, these contracts are concluded, they must be taken forward," the Minister of Development specified. "We have two stages for PNDL: PNDL1 and PNDL2. These, in their medium financing rhythm, will be concluded in two years, two years and a half. We will have to have a talk, after finishing the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience and to look at the discussions and the financing variants which will be on European funds for the part of infrastructure, because let me give you a simple example: for the water and plumbing infrastructure we have preinfringement for Romania, we have 800 UATs (territorial administrative unit, ed. n.) that do not have an authorized water network operator, almost 2,000 - sewage network, this is an obligation not just towards Brussels, it is our obligation, everyone's, of the state's to ensure some civilized conditions in the 3rd millennium," Cseke Attila explained. The Ministry's internet page says that the PNDL represents the main financing source for the local infrastructure and has at its grounds the principle according to which in each town of the country there needs to be a minimum set of public services, in the fields of: health, education, water - plumbing, thermal and electricity, including public lighting, transport / roads / sewage, culture, cults, housing and sports. The program is being financed from the state budget.AGERPRES(RO - author: Corneliu Dumitru, editor: Antonia Nita; EN - author: Catalin Cristian Trandafir, editor: Maria Voican)

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