Serbia's back on the "red list"

In addition to Serbia, Albania, Bahrain, Colombia, the Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates, but also the German provinces of Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, and several French and Italian regions are returning to the "red list".
There are 31 countries on the list, and as far as the Western Balkans are concerned, only Montenegro is on the "red list".
Serbia's return to the "red list" followed when school holidays were underway in Switzerland, so those who set out on their journey must count on a ten-day quarantine.
According to the epidemiological regulation, everyone who enters Switzerland from a risky country must be placed in a mandatory ten-day quarantine. This quarantine can be terminated only after the seventh day of isolation, with a negative test.
However, in case of premature termination of quarantine, the person must wear a mask until the expiration of the regular period.

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