Bulgaria: Indicted Gambling Tycoon Vasil Bozhkov Whips up New Provocation

During the last year the name of Vasil Bozhkov has mainly been associated with scandals. Many people believe he was the main sponsor of the large-scale anti-government protests this summer. Before their outburst, many were sure that the man nicknamed The Skull had leaked the alleged and provocative audio tapes of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

More recently, he also set up his own party , "Bulgarian Summer", which, however, hit some stumbling blocks.

The prosecutor's office protested the ruling of the city court, which allowed the party "Bulgarian Summer", close to the indicted businessman Vasil Bozhkov, to be registered.

The rationale of the prosecutor's office, on the basis of which the case is submitted to the Supreme Court, are almost the same as the ones that were quoted in the courtroom - there are crossed out names and corrected ID numbers in the registration documents, and an expert analysis was also needed to say for sure whether a teleconference was indeed held to establish the party.

Moreover, the lion of the emblem of "Bulgarian Summer" bears similarities with a label of energy drinks brand, as well as with the emblem of the Bulgarian Mint.

The court then ruled that in this type of lawsuits, when there is no counter-evidence on the part of the state prosecution, there is no reason to insist on expert analysis, pointing out that the issues of the emblem and the veracity of the ID numbers and names will be resolved after verification by the court.

The next provocation from Bozhkov is expected very soon. This time it won't be uploaded to the already popular social media site. He is expected to be a guest star of a trending blogger - Stanis Tsanov - on his YouTube channel. "I'm going to tell a lot about Boyko ...

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