Bulgarian Medical Union: Third Wave of Coronavirus Will Be More Sparing

Bulgaria faces the beginning of the third wave of coronavirus, like it happens in any pandemic, but this wave will by no means result in such high morbidity as the previous ones, told Nova TV Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov,Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Medical Union.

In his words, the infected will be fewer than 10 months ago, since the health system has already adapted to the situation in Bulgaria. Each hospital ward can be quickly converted into covid unit and vice versa depending on the covid-19 incidence rate, he explained.

As regards the pace of vaccination, in his opinion the vast majority of people willing to be inoculated are medics. "I am admiring colleagues because I saw that they have an algorithm in hospitals," explained the specialist

Asked why the morbidity gap between Kyustendil and Targovishte is so great, he answered: "Because the new strain has emerged." "It is more clingy, but it doesn't lead to a more severe course of the disease," Brunzalov said.

To those who wander how to proceed with vaccination, the doctor advises anyone who wants to get a vaccine to ask their GPs, as they need to know in advance how many vaccine doses should be ordered. Nikolay Brunzalov announced that the mass vaccination plan will be flexible according to the specified logistics. In his words, 1% of vaccines will not be used.

On February 15, a letter will be sent from the National Association of General Practitioners, andHealth Ministry experts will have to answer seven questions about vaccines in order to be able to proceed with vaccination, he said. Nikolay Brunzalov commented that "if this rate of morbidity is maintained - Bulgaria will be on 26th place in Europe and far behind in mortality, so the current measures...

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