IOM creates two new safe zones for children refugees in two camps

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) said on Monday it had set up two new safe zones for unaccompanied minors inside the migrant camps of Vagiohori, east of Thessaloniki, and Filipiada, northwest of Arta.

These areas provide educational and creative activities, sports and transportation where needed, aiming at the children's eventual integration into local societies.

The new units bring the overall number of safe zones on mainland Greece to 15, with a total capacity of 450 children. 

A total of 1,048 unaccompanied minors have been housed in safe zones since the start of 2020, the organization said, most of them originating from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Bangladesh and Syria.

The safe zones were created with the support of the European Commission, Greek authorities and NGOs

In addition, IOM and NGO Arsis have a mobile...

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