Bulgarian Cybersecurity Expert: Remote Working Heightens Risk of Hacker Attacks

For the larger part of Bulgarians working from home in time of pandemic is an advantage. It's true that some firms could not switch over to a digital-only business model and keep on working. Fortunately, the larger part of businesses made the necessary transformations quite promptly and managed to adapt to the new situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this has also triggered big problem: many companies were not prepared for such quick transformation as it asks for serious risk assessment, i.e. clear understanding of what is happening, what arrangements would be right for their employees under new circumstances.

Faced with the situation when they couldn't do business anymore many companies took an ad hoc decision to transform and switch over to digitalization. This was the leading trend throughout 2020 - to do our best to let out staff work remotely. This is what Lyubomir Tulev, cybersecurity expert who worked for the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime and has 10-year experience in the field, told Novinite.bg.

Exactly at this point the major hazard emerged: without proper risk assessment in this novel situation most of the companies made mistakes. They were not prepared for remote working - didn't have enough PCs nor laptops to give out to their staffers for their home offices, he says.

"For a huge part of employees the office was their workplace so, they were taken almost unawares when the company gave them the opportunity to work from home but couldn't provide them with computers, because the cancelled or delayed supplies hampered the purchase of new hardware, especially when it came to office equipment which traditionally comes from Asia. All supplies for Europe, and Bulgaria in particular, have become...

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