Neighbors' calculate: 40 percent get sick, 20 percent get vaccinated, pandemic's over

According to his calculations, in addition to 40 percent of those who survived coronavirus, the plan is to vaccinate another 20 percent of the population, and as Lauc says, "this epidemic is certainly over and we can slowly forget about it."
"I expect that this summer we will have a better situation than last year. In the end, Croatia will be among the countries with the lowest number of deaths in Europe with the mildest measures," the molecular biologist and member of the Coronavirus Council told Croatian media.
"Another pandemic will come one day, but that's no reason to stop the planet like we did because of this pandemic. And it happened because we overestimated the danger of the virus at first. We thought it would kill ten times more people than it turned out. Everyone has gone into a panic lockdown from which it is now difficult to get out," Lauc concluded, as Jutarnji list reports.

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