Three Top Bulgarian Swimmers Fail Doping Test, Caught Taking Stanozolol

Three members of the national swimming team tested positive for doping. According to NOVA sources, the three athelets caught using banned preparations are Zdravko Bablakov, Svetlozar Nikolov and Blagoy Panayotov. The three don't have quotas for the Olympics.

Head of the anti-doping agency Dr. Violeta Zarkova announced that the banned drug is Stanozolol. A procedure is currently underway under which athletes must say whether they want to open the B-sample and then give an explanation to the BOC Disciplinary Committee.

"All swimmers from the national team when they are in a training camp take vitamins that are free of any prohibited substances. They have to say what's going on, I don't understand how they got hold of this substance. According to my unconfirmed information, they started taking this drug before the New Year, when they were on vacation. For me, someone else gave it to them. Someone has taken a preparation that contains this substance, which for me borders on complete stupidity, since Stanozolol remains in the body for more than 8-9 months. It hasn't been used for years, you have to be really incompetent to take drugs like that," said Swimming Federation President Georgi Avramchev.

The penalty for using anabolic steroids is a four-year doping ban.




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