Irini Reljin: Competition is welcome on the Telecommunications Market

The entry of the new operator accelerates the competition on the telecommunications market, since the other participants are in some way forced to design attractive offers in order to acquire new and retain existing users, said retired professor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade Irini Reljin.
"When Vip entered the mobile telephony market in Serbia as the third operator, Telenor and Telekom faced a new competitor, which significantly contributed to improving the quality of services and lowering prices," Reljin told Beta, commenting on the business cooperation agreement between Telenor and Telekom Srbija concerning the leasing of optical infrastructure.
She added that new technologies, such as the fifth generation of mobile electronic communications, bring large capacities for data transmission, which inevitably leads to existing operators concluding contracts with video content owners and thus increasing the set of services they offer to users.
"Telenor is expected to lay optical cables between buildings and houses and provide end users with media content services, which will increase the choice of operators, and thus more attractive offers will be available to the users." In this way, the operators will fight for their best possible market positions," said Reljin, who has been Assistant Minister of Telecommunications of Serbia.
As she explained, Telenor can also take over a number of Telekom customers, which also contributes to increasing competition in the market.
"In rural areas, there are settlements where it is not possible to simply provide cable distribution services for media content, so it can be expected that the prepared contract between Telenor and Telekom will solve some of these problems," Reljin said. ...

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