Nearly 3.500 newly infected, 16 people died

Total number of registered cases in Serbia since the outbreak of the pandemic is 462.728, and 4.459 have died. The mortality rate according to is 0.96%.
2.953.793 people were tested, of which 13.286 in the last 24 hours.
3.977 people were hospitalized, and 164 patients were on respirators.
The medical part of the Crisis Staff stated that all future decisions will be made in accordance with the current numbers of newly infected and hospitalized, and it will be waited to see what the results of the measures for this weekend are.
The deputy director of the Nis KC estimated that the only way to reduce the growth in the number of newly infected is to introduce complete lockdown for two or three weeks, with the continuation of vaccination.
And the director of KBC Zemun, Drago Stojanovi, stated that there are currently 293 COVID patients, and there are five to 10 more of them every day.

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