Lajcak: EU does not support status quo

Vui said that he had a good and meaningful conversation with Lajk.
"Mr. Lajcak introduced me to the most important things in Pristina. Serbia is committed to dialogue with Pristina and is ready to continue the dialogue at any time when it is invited to Brussels. Second, Serbia supports Lajcak's activities and intentions to reach a solution through compromise policy. it meant dissatisfaction for both sides, but without an ultimatum and the imposition of a solution, Serbia participates to a great extent in negotiations and talks, but in the desire to have understanding for Serbia's interests as well", he said.
Lajcak said that his last visit to Serbia was five months ago, and that he would like to come more often.
"Unfortunately, the pandemic does not allow that. I started my visit to the region with a visit to Pristina. It was important for me to come immediately after the elections," he said. "Dialogue is key for both sides, in order to advance on the European path. The status quo is not good for either side," he said.
Lajcak said dialogue is key to progress on the road to the EU. "Member states expect the dialogue to continue constructively and in good faith. We have no interest in maintaining the status quo," he said.
He pointed out that the EU expects both sides to implement everything that has been achieved in the dialogue process in the last 10 years. He said that the EU has a good history of relations with the United States and that it is now returning to cooperation with the United States.
According to him, agreements have been reached in 10 years, and they have been implemented to a greater extent.

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