Predrag Kon: We've made decision; The system will not withstand

"For Belgrade, I can say that the situation is disastrous and that we are coming to the point that there is no free capacities in hospitals," he said, adding that the occupancy in hospitals is nearing the end.
According to him, it is a big problem to transform non-COVID hospital into COVID hospital, because there is no one to treat other diseases. Also, with such a large number of newly infected, the vaccination process itself is endangered.
"For now, we are far from introducing a state of emergency because it is a procedure. We need to work proactively, we have been late for about two weeks so far. Since there is no operability that we can react immediately. We have made firm decision. The medical part has done everything. We consider such mild measures to be inadmissible", Dr Kon pointed out.
According to him, "if everything we asked for is done now, the effects will be felt only in 10 days".
"We will have that exponential growth. There is not enough collective immunity," said Kon, and when asked how it is possible that there is such a paradox that Serbia vaccinates the best in the region, and that it is among the first in the world in terms of the number of vaccinated. Kon says that it just seems to us that this is only the case with us - it is the same in Israel.
"We are under attack for two things - the virus has mutated, the strain has changed and the virus is more contagious, it is easier to transmit," he points out.
Asked what the medical part of the Crisis Staff will ask for at the next session, Kon says that he will not give up on what they asked for - a minimum of seven days lockdown, although it is clear to everyone that it should be longer.
"Medical workers can no longer withstand that pressure, and if nothing...

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