All You Have to Know about the Upcoming General Election in Bulgaria

On April 4,the most important elections for the people will be held, namely the parliamentary elections, on which it depends who will govern Bulgaria for the next four years. Although President Rumen Radev set by decree a relatively early date for holding the vote, given the coronavirus pandemic, it meets the legal requirements. For the first time since 2009, parliamentary elections are regular, not early.

What do preliminary surveys show?

Currently GERB will once again become the first political force, followed by BSP, and the difference in voter support between the two parties is small. In these elections GERB will run in coalition with the UDF. The surprise is that sociologists expect Slavi Trifonov's party - "There is such a people" to overtake the third political force in the National Assembly - MRF.

The positions of other election runners are insecure and changing, but the prognoses show that probably "Democratic Bulgaria", the formation of Maya Manolova and the "Poison Trio", the IMRO and the coalition "Volya" - NFSB, which have a small difference between each other, will also enter parliament.

However, gaining people's trust largely depends on the campaign that political parties and coalitions will conduct.

Despite the polls, the final distribution distribution of seats in parliamnt depends on the votes actually cast at the polling stations.

What's important to know?

The day before the official election campaign begins, we offer you important information that you should know before you cast your vote.

How will the election be held?

For the first time in all major polling stations, with over 300 voters, there will be a choice of voting with a paper ballot or a machine.

Bulgaria is divided...

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