Restaurant serves salmon fish döner kebab in Black Sea province

A restaurant in the Black Sea province of Tokat is serving an unusual and novel type of döner kebab made entirely of salmon fish.

Döner kebabs are usually made of meat or chicken and cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

"We wanted to try something different. So, we made it with salmon fish. One who tastes it, asks for it again," the restaurant's owner, Ahmet Turgut Tuğrul, told Demirören News Agency on March 3.

The Almus district of the province is a salmon fish exporter to the globe. The district exports around 700 tons of salmon fish annually to Germany, the Netherlands, China and Japan.

Tuğrul, who has been running the restaurant for 15 years, is confident in the underrated local cuisine.

"We have salmon fish, so we said to our people: Why not taste this? And we decided to make döner kebab from it."

Ahmet Dirican, a local who tried it, said it was one of the best food he has ever tried, recommending it to everyone.

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