Bulgarians Travelling to Montenegro Should Have Negative PCR Test or Vaccination Certificate

Bulgarian citizens travelling to Montenegro will have to present a negative result of a PCR test carried out no earlier than 48 hours before departure, a positive result of an antigenic IgG test not older than 30 days, or submit a vaccination certificate about a second dose given at least 7 days before the date of entry into Montenegro, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

The measure enters into force from 13 March 2021 and will apply until 17 March 2021 for now.

Our compatriots who have permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro but do not submit the required documents will be quarantined for 14 days, with no possibility of its early termination.

Bulgarian citizens who do not have permanent or temporary residence permit in Montenegro and do not present the required documents will not be allowed into the country.

The Bulgarian Embassy in Podgorica notes that the new requirements do not apply to Bulgarian citizens arriving from Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for whom there are no restrictions on entry into the country. The restrictions will not apply to passengers in transit and to drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Travelers should bear in mind that two of the border crossing points in Montenegro operate in restricted mode - Vuča checkpoint on the Road Rožaje - Tutin and Metaljka on the road Pljevlja - Čajniče, where passage is allowed only in the time interval from 07:00 a.m.--7:00p.m. local time.

If necessary, Bulgarian citizens can contact our embassy in Podgorica on the following telephone numbers: +382 20 655 009;+382 20 674 156; off-hour telephone:+382 69 143 298; +382 69133616 (emergency number).


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