UK Moves to Delay Border Control with EU until January 1st 2022

The UK government has announced its decision to delay deadlines for changing border controls in relation to the import of products from the EU into the UK with six months.

In an announcement yesterday the UK government said that it has reviewed time frame originally set out for its changed trading relationship with the EU.

Pre-notification requirements for products of animal origin, certain animal by-products and "High Risk Food Not Of Animal Origin" will not be required until October 1, 2021.

Export Health Certificate requirements for products of animal origin and certain animal by-products will come into force on the same date, it was added. Customs import declarations will still be required but Safety and Security Declarations for imports will not be required until January 1, 2022.

 The British government has said it is postponing full border controls by six months due to disruption caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.

 Britain has stepped out of EU economic control at the end of 2020, and post-Brexit trade relations require customs and other controls on trade with the EU.

 Britain's EU relations minister, David Frost, said the six-month delay "would give traders time to get back on their feet as the economy reopens after a difficult year".

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