Turkey's 'Alps': Mergabütan Ski Center

Turkey's Mergabütan Plateau has been transformed into a ski resort that has become a favorite of both local and foreign tourists, Turkey's industry and technology minister said on March 14.

"This is not the Alps, it is the Hakkari Mergabütan Ski Center!" Mustafa Varank wrote on Twitter.

"We identify and support investments that best suit the potential of cities," he added.

Thanks to the initiatives of the Industry and Technology Ministry's development agency in the region, the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Hakkari Governorate, the center in Hakkari province attracts many visitors.

Located in the central highlands on the southeastern tip of Turkey, the ski center also provides an opportunity for young people in Hakkari to develop a career in winter sports.

Citing Halil İbrahim Güray, the general secretary of the Eastern Anatolian Development Agency, the Industry and Technology Ministry said in a statement that significant investments have been made in the ski center since 2013 and the center has achieved international standards.

Pointing out the importance of the center in economic, social and tourism terms, Güray said: "In the mountains of Hakkari, which have been on the agenda with many negativities in the past, the voices of young skiers are now rising."

The center has become an important location of the city, where social opportunities are otherwise limited, he added.

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