Upcoming Elections: Bulgarians Vote Abroad in 69 countries

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission (CEC) has determined the places in 69 countries where there will be polling stations Bulgaria for voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 4.

According to the foreign ministry, there will be no polling stations in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Mongolia, the Vatican, Vietnam, Palestine, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.   For the cities of Chemnitz, Konstanz, Lubeck, Ditzenbach, Hamm, Bielefeld, Saarbrücken in Germany, Norrebro in Denmark, and Florence, Colleferro in Italy, the presence of polling sections remains under question as the authorities there need to give their approval by March 19.   The CEC's decision can be appealed with the Supreme Administrative Court within three days, BGNES reported.   The full list of polling stations abroad is available here./BNR

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