Last Session of 44th National Assembly Closed to Sounds of Bulgarian and EU Anthems

Today, 194 MPs attended the last session of the 44th National Assembly. Ministers were not present. A short time later, the Lawmakers were joined by Minister of Environment Emil Dimitrov-Revisoro. The floor leader of GERB Daniela Daritkova acknowledged that this term of office was not easy. She pointed to the pandemic that marked the work of the parliament. The Bulgarian health system withheld the pressure, Daritkova stressed.

In her words, today medics continue to treat patients. She also paid tribute to the National Operational Headquarters. In times of such trials, Bulgarian society needs unity, Daritkova was adamant.

Parliament has not always delivered on public expectations, Daritkova said. In the Bulgarian Parliament, we often insulted each other, reminded the GERB floor leader. She also focused on the unity achieved during the Bulgarian EU presidency.

Daritkova hopes the next parliament will have more room for consensus. In the following years, national goals are Euro area membership as well as economic transformation and recovery.

BSP leader Korneliya Ninova acknowledged the merits of the left wing in the 44th Parliament. The Socialist party remained consistent in its politics. We didn't make anybackstage agreements, she stressed.

BSP proposed 1,323 alternative bills introduced during this parliamentary term. The BSP leader criticised the lack of public confidence in parliament and the frequent changes in legislation. In her words the law on medical institutions has been changed 23 times.

The Social Security Code (CSR) has been changed 31 times. For the left, this is the evidence of chaotic legislation and uncertainty in society. Ninova also sees lobbying in the laws adopted by this parliament. The BSP leader also...

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