Thousands entering Serbia to get a vaccine VIDEO

Crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina completely jammed.
Border crossings cameras are showing convoys of vehicles entering Serbia at the crossings of Mali Zvornik, Sremska Raca and Trbusnica.
Convoys of vehicles are also registered at the Horgos crossing, at the entrance to Serbia from Hungary, but also at Batrovci and the Sid crossing towards Croatia.
Vaccination of foreign citizens will start this weekend, and will take place in Belgrade and Novi Sad.
Serbian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Government of Serbia has provided 10,000 vaccines for entrepreneurs and their staff from the region as part of the regional immunization process.
This weekend, vaccination was organized in Belgrade for entrepreneurs and their employees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Albania, as well as for entrepreneurs from Kosovo.
As published on the E-government portal, it was stated that in addition to citizens of the Republic of Serbia, foreign citizens with and without a residence in Serbia can also express interest in vaccination against Covid-19.

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