Bulgaria: CEC Members Arrested for Vote Buying

CEC Members were arrested in the town of Slavyanovo, Pleven region. The arrest came after a number of reports on vote-buying, one of which was lodged by "Stand up! Mafiosi out!" this morning, reported Maya Manolova's team.

According to information from the coalition's election headquarters, in Pleven the police are currently collecting testimonials on the case and conducting searches in the homes of the detainees.

Alerts for buying votes on the coalition platforms were also received from Ruse, where, in the reporters words, the price of vote was BGN 30, Stara Zagora - BGN 50 and Devnya - 100 BGN per vote.

Citizens also reported  a controlled vote in Ihtiman and Asenovgrad, Manolova's team complained.

In Kardzhali, Tsveta Karayancheva (GERB) filed a complaint with the regional election committee in connection with an unauthorized agitation by the Deputy Mayor of Chernoochene municipality Ferhat Ferhat, who stood in front of the section in the village of Gabrovo and instructed the people who to vote for. In section No.105 in the village of Chiflik, Kardzhali municipality, Mayor Nefide Isa Ali has stated she was ready to provide personal data from the village card index for 106 voters in order them to be added to the voter lists, which is in violation of the Electoral Code, another complaint states.



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