5 Places in Bulgaria Even Locals Should Visit Again

Bulgaria is a stunning country in eastern Europe. The capital, Sofia, is a super popular tourist hotspot. But if you did decide to visit this gorgeous place, you will find out that Bulgaria has a lot more to offer. From high mountain tops to breathtaking beaches by the Black Sea, every tourist can find something fun to do here.

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Bulgaria is much more than just the capital. Here are our top places you should visit during your trip:

  1. Plovdiv

Many tourists will readily say that Plovdiv is more interesting than Sofia. Plovdiv is around 6,000 years old and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. With that said, it is clear this place has a fascinating history. Perhaps the most beautiful part of Plovdiv is the Old Town. Situated on a hill, the Old Town features charming architecture and unique decor all around.

Visitors can get to know the Bulgarian Renaissance style by simply strolling up the narrow streets and observing the buildings. The ornate details transport you to a different time and give Plovdiv an otherworldly feeling. Not to forget that art aficionados will be delighted with local museums and galleries.

  1. Burgas

As the second-largest seaside city in Bulgaria, Burgas attracts visitors with its endless sandy beaches and fun summer festivals. It might not have a rich backstory and numerous old buildings, but tourists can still enjoy modern art deco architecture...

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