Adventure kayakers rescue two white-tailed eagles from the Danube

A Facebook video clip showing two white-tailed eagles being rescued from the Danube waters by two kayakers, somewhere in the area of Mehedinti County, has gone viral, collecting thousands of views, lots of positive comments and shares. The internationally protected predatory birds are initially filmed floating on the river - where they supposedly ended up after a fight for territory - and later allowing the kayakers help them reach the shore. The images are all the more spectacular as the camera is very close to the eagles. In the post on the Endurance Missions by Kayakcrazyric Facebook account, Richard J. Varga and Klaudia Kis, who are paddling along the Danube from where it spills into the Black Sea to its springs, relate how they tried to help the two birds. "We had to be careful. They are very large clawed predators. If they had scratched us while trying to rescue them, we would have also needed help. There are deep scratches on the kayak hull," they said. "There are not many who can tell such a story. From my point of view, they saved these two birds from a situation where they were 70 - 80 percent likely to die. This tells a lot about what kind of people kayakers, and especially adventure kayakers are," says Calin Ene, the owner of the only business in Sulina that rents kayaks. A rare species, the white-tailed eagle is an internationally protected bird of prey that can be found in Romania in the Danube Delta and in the Danube area. Richard J. Varga and Klaudia Kis are paddling on the Danube stream-up, from the Black Sea to the springs, 2,850 kilometers, for charity. Thus, Richard J. Varga supports the Bator Tabor Foundation, which supports children with cancer, and Klaudia Kis put her skills on the line for the Pet Kupa environmental protection association. AGERPRES (RO - author: Luisiana Bigea, editor: Georgiana Tanasescu; EN - editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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