Democratic Bulgaria Will Negotiate with ITN on Options for Government

 The Coalition Democratic Bulgaria would hold talks with the second largest parliamentary represented party - "There are such a people" (ITN) led by Slavi Trifonov, about what kind of government could be nominated.

Democratic Bulgaria will not support GERB's cabinet. This was stated by the leader of Democratic Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov in the parliament during the opening of the first session of the parliament.

If Trifonov's party does not nominate a cabinet, Ivanov said his coalition is ready to discuss other actions so that the National Assembly can pass the most necessary laws before other elections are scheduled. Ivanov announced that his party would be submitting several packages of proposals for legislative changes. The most important one is related to the reform of the judiciary, as he stressed that the goal is to remove Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev from his position.

Democratic Bulgaria is collecting signatures for changes to the Constitution so that the chief prosecutor is placed under clear, democratic accountability by parliament, he stressed. There can be no more center of power that is not subject to democratic accountability, Ivanov commented.

"The "prosecutor's republic" creates an uncontrollable power of the chief prosecutor, allows him to decide who will receive real immunity from prosecution, who to be put under pressure, who to get freedom from responsibility to the law. There are people in this room here who have gone through this strainer, "he added.

 The party also aims at a decisive reform of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), where there will be a small parliamentary quota so that the public can participate in the personnel and administrative processes in the judiciary. The goal is a reformed prosecutor's...

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