There Is Such A People Party Gives Up on Majority Voting System

This parliament is six months late, commented the representative of the second largest group in the 45th National Assembly.

"There Is Such A People " (ITN) will not submit a proposal to change the electoral system and a majority vote, it became clear from the statement of the party's representative at the opening of the 45th National Assembly Toshko Yordanov.

The main task for this parliament will be to change the Electoral Code, he said. According to him, the goal is for every Bulgarian to be able to vote. The proposals, which will be submitted today, on the first day of parliament, include removing the limit on the number of polling stations abroad, the possibility for Bulgarians to vote abroad by mail, video surveillance in polling stations and the replacement of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

 Yordanov was adamant that there would be no proposal for a majority voting system, but a proposal would be submitted to reduce subsidies for parties to BGN 1 per vote received.

This parliament was six months late because the GERB government had clung to power and refused to follow the normal procedure - early elections, said the representative of the second largest parliamentary group in the National Assembly.

He added that parliament would not serve its full term.

 "This Assembly will go as far as it needs and it will soon become clear how long," Yordanov added.

The proposal for a majority vote was included in a referendum held at the request of Slavi Trifonov' show in 2017. The idea was to divide Bulgaria into 240 single-member constituencies and hold two-round majority elections, but the 44th National Assembly rejected the request.

2.5 million  people supported the referendum initiated by the TV host...

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