Who Is Iva Miteva, New President of Bulgarian Parliament

The newly elected President of the 45th National Assembly, Iva Miteva, is a member of There is Such a People PG and became an MP elected from the list of the 23rd multi-member constituency in Sofia.

She was born in Razgrad and graduated from Sofia University in 1996. She was director of the Legal Affairs Directorate in the previous parliament. Miteva knows the parliamentary work in detail, as he has worked for a long time in the NA administration. She has been involved in writing all parliamentary rules in recent time and is well acquainted with the parliamentary procedures. All of the key laws adopted in Bulgaria in recent years have been written with her participation.

Her professional career began in 1998 at the Ministry of Justice.

Since 2000 she has been appointed to the National Assembly and has climbed all steps in the parliamentary administration - from a state expert to a director of the Directorate "Legislative Activity and EU Law".

She was a member of the expert teams which proposed and discussed amendments to the Constitution.

Since 2007 he has been involved in the drafting of the amendment to electoral code as a member of the expert teams for the adoption of a new Electoral Code.

Miteva is a full-time lecturer at the New Bulgarian University Department of Law.


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