Bulgaria: Slavi Trifonov Breaks Silence, Comments on Majority Voting and GERB

In a post on Facebook, leader of There Is Such a People (ITN) Slavi Trifonov, who is currently under mandatory quarantine and yesterday was sworn in as an MP online, responded to GERB's initiative to start their new parliamentary term from moving a draft bill on the majority vote and blaming ITN for having given up on this initiative.

"And why do they propose it now, why didn't GERB agree with the majority system nearly 5 years ago, when they were in power and when in a legally held referendum two million and a half Bulgarian citizens wanted the majority voting system, asks Slavi Trifonov and quotes the names of GERB MPs, Thoma Bikov, Desislava Atanasova, Tsveta Karayancheva, Boyko Borissov and "the whole group of "weighty" Bulgarian lawmakers".

"Well, the answer is very simple - when they are afraid of losing their power, these people start playing for time," Trifonov said, reminding that this is why they proposed to amend the Constitution and convene the Grand National Assembly only to crack down on the protests.

"Then thе trick worked, because the National Assembly was different and MPs raised to the bait."

Slavi Trifonov explains that introduction of a majority election system requires a stable parliament, and it takes a lot of time to update the voter lists, create  240 one-member constituencies based on these lists and a whole set of other technicalities.

This takes time, the leader of ITN is adamant, and continues: "And GERB needs just that at the moment - time. But GERB will not be give extra time.They are a toxic party that must disappear from the Bulgarian political scene."

In his words, in a safe, stable and confident parliament, positive changes would come about for which the party There Is Such a People was...

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